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For CreateSpace Members
CreateSpace is a remarkable resource. To keep its costs down, it is not able to answer all member questions. Although it posts its Submission Requirements, simple as they are, they can be confusing, To provide help, CreateSpace established a forum, where people can post questions and get answers. Help is no better than the participation in the forum. Two problems arise in this model, many people, new to CreateSpace ask the same questions that have been asked and answered countless times before, and sometimes questions are asked that are somewhat outside the scope of an effective forum.
Build Your Book, 06.24.10 version: I am offering free for CreateSpace members, Build Your Book, a 98 page, 8 x 10 PDF, that covers basic book design, typography, parts of a book, how to build a book to meet submission guidelines and basic how-to on scanning and shooting art.
CS Digital: A Practical Guide to CS Digital Possibilities: see how to get the best color printing from CreateSpace; learn about rich blacks versus black, surprints, and out-of-gamut colors; 14 pages showing the bleeds, margins—what works and what doesn't; with a 7 page, illustrated, glossary. If you're going to include color images in your book, this is for you! Download the free references prints, see below. Learn more! Note: this book may be pulled for revisions periodically (and possibly repriced) due to the need to run new and different tests. To download the free, complete, current, in process, edition, in a PDF (therefore you cannot see how CS actually prints these examples), click here.
"Bleeds": an excerpt from CS Digital. Fourteen pages of illustrated bleed issues—do's and dont's. Free! 1MB PDF.
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$29.95—120 pages, color, 8" x 10"

Pre-09.15.11 edition


98 pages, 8 x 10, PDF, 6MB

Facts, Fables, and Fiction: this 8 x 10, 160 paage pdf covers everything from writing to editing: Digital Resources, Mechanics and Puntuation, Literary Dictionary, Worksheets (character, scene/plot, style, etc.)

Bleeds: this 8 x 10, 19 page, color pdf illustrates almost every type of bleed and how to do them, exclusively for CS members. Excerpted from CS Digital, it will not only guide you through the thorns, but it will show you the 8 most common layout mistakes that lead to having files with images rejected.

CS Digital Reference Prints: this pdf contains the two color testers. One is a reference image with Macbeth colors, RGB color ramp, and grayscale stepwedge. The other is a montage of images. These can be found, printed by CS in CS Digital: A Practical Guide to CS Digital possibilities, pages 40-41 and 44-45. Use to test your monitor and printer to what CS prints. 17MB PDF/download. Free.

CS Digital 09.15.11: this is the most current version of CS Digital. It has not been printed yet. It is available as a PDF so that it can be assessed. Although its real value is in seeing the printed book, it still contains information that can be useful.

CreateSpace Color Printing sampler, 4MB PDF. Shows 18 pictures: comparing upload to scanned printed pieces. Free.

Gimp Resizing and Cropping: This is an unfinished, rough draft for a tutorial on using Gimp. It has screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Free for CreateSpace members. Comments, corrections, and comments welcome.

The Great Color Mystery: opposing views of how CS prints color. Illustrated, 9 pages. Free.



If you find the process too daunting or need help, please contact me.

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